Build and retain
exceptional remote
tech-teams, fast.

Go from 0 to 20 full-time developers in under 3 months.
Work with them in the long-run.

✓   Managed service & vetted quality
✓   Save money & transparent pricing
✓   No hiring or legal stress

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Trusted by_

What we do_

More than hiring -
we reinvent nearshoring and make it so much better.


We source your first candidate within 10 days through our tech-enabled platform for sourcing, screening and presenting exceptional talent.

HR + Legal

Our local partners act as the employer-of-record and provide dedicated HR support, handling payroll, benefits as well as employment and finance regulations.


Plugged into local tech-hubs, we build tech-centric communities through connecting peers with regular events. Hub engineers receive access to the global MVPF network.


We provide all the necessary support for your remote team, from workspace (home-office or onsite) over laptops and screens to technical support.

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"Hub has established itself as our trusted partner. They have supported us with a remote team from first MVP to fully featured product and I am very happy to know that I can count on their flexibility and speed in the future."
Maximilian Lober, Co-Founder @ Voya (acquired by Volkswagen Financial Services)

Key KPIs_

Experienced in building cost-efficient teams of veterans.

developers hired
have more than
9 yrs. experience
lower all-in salary
on average
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How it works_

Collaborating closely to ensure your new team's success:

1. The right location

We identify the ideal market to hire based on your talent and financial expectations, eliminating uncertainty and reducing time to launch.

2. Building your team

We give you access to top talents close to your European offices through our simple recruiting process, adapted to your needs.

3. Tailored onboarding

We ensure your team is set-up for success through our high-quality onboarding plans and continued talent support.

4. Better retention

We support your relationship with your new team and help you ensure long-term retention through social integration and custom training.
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Always near_

We build exceptional, affordable teams close to your main office.

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Where you need it

✓   We help you find the best location
✓   The best talent, close to your office
✓   Focus on +-1h time difference, <2h flight
✓   ~30-50% lower all-in senior level wages

One team, fully embedded

✓   Favouring existing teams
✓   Teamplayers only
✓   Focus on strong soft skills
✓   Integrated with your organization

Full cost transparency

✓   Know exactly what you pay
✓   Clear, structured invoices
✓   Full transparency on markups
✓   German contracts

Build better teams_

We help you build a team that just works, so you can focus on what counts for your business.

Top talent

in your timezone

We source exceptional talent, that you otherwise might not have access to, with a focus on easy communication through minimal time-differences.

recruiting experts

Experienced, local recruiting experts empowered with our tech-enabled platform and referral engine unlock high-quality talent quickly.


We source and hire teams for your open positions that are excited to work for you long-term. Additionally, we ensure that your new talent has everything they need to stay part of your company in the long run.

by design

Leave all the legal, financial and operational tasks to us and focus on building better products with your new team. We price transparently and send you one simple, comprehensive invoice per month.

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Select your team_

Built on our existing network of tech talents.

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· Frontend Engineer
· Backend Engineer
· Full Stack Devs
· Android/iOS Devs
· Data Scientist
· ML Experts
· AI Engineer
· QA Engineer
· Engineering Manager
· Network Admin
· DevOps Engineer
· Other roles

+ Optional Support by Match: Choose from over 2000 vetted freelancers to fill urgent or short term demand.

Better by design_

The solution we would have wanted when we started building high-growth companies.

Building remote
teams on your own
Using a traditional
nearshoring provider
Quality of available talent
Time to ramp-up
Pricing transparency
Dev retention and commitment
Bespoke recruiting
Employer of Record
Strong remote community
Not given
Difficult to plan
Difficult to establish
Often not engaging

Built from experience_

Powered by Match, the leading marketplace for vetted tech freelancers.

Match sources and vets top freelance candidates and matches them to the right clients and roles, available to Hub clients at short notice to fill gaps flexibly. Match was born out of MVP Factory, the renowned tech product building agency from Berlin.

We built Hub because we noticed that freelancers are not ideal for long-term engagements, so we built the solution many of our clients requested to continue to grow in a sustainable manner together.

completed projects
satisfied clients from startup to enterprise
vetted freelancers to fill short-term talent gaps
Build and retain exceptional remote teams.
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